Monday, January 10, 2011

A hopeful day

Finally deciding to start my exercise routine this week to help me get out of the house, today I went for a walk with my new friend Tracy and her new baby Olive in my new neighborhood in Pacific Beach, San Diego.  Two hours later, and a new sense of direction for where the beach stood in relation to my house, I found myself extremely hopeful and an e-mail with a new job opportunity upon our return.  Starting to feel like myself again and hopeful that my motivation is back for good this time.  So here it is, my own blog and something I’ve wanted to do for years.  A place where I can express my thoughts, opinions and excersize my love for writing without restraint; not that I have much of it when it comes to speaking my mind anyway.  I have a feeling this will produce less sporadic Facebook statuses and a more productive me.  Here goes nothing!  Literally, Nua = nude in Portuguese—my mother language ;).   

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